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"As a professional athlete coming off an injury, I added FST to my training regimen and  felt the difference immediately.  I feel lighter, and my joints feel more mobile on all fronts. There is definitely a difference in my shoulder and hip mobility.  FST is a great option for high level athletes seeking to recover faster from the daily grind of their sport.”  
Connor J, Pitcher, MLB

"Equestrian athletes are used to enduring intense physical demands both in and out of the saddle. Fascial stretch with Kisa has been a vital part of my conditioning and recovery routine. It allows me to get back on my feet, and back in the saddle, feeling stronger and better than before. She really wants to help you and knows what's she's doing!  I was thrown from a horse recently, fell hard and felt horrible. One session and she got everything in my back to stop guarding, and settle down. She even came to the farm and stretched me right there!"  
Caroline M, Equestrian Athlete/Trainer

"FST relaxes me. My back feels great. I feel like I have space in my joints and I'm more relaxed. It also doesn't hurt to drive on long distances which is a major improvement." Phillip F, 58

"Kisa and I have been working together once a week for the past several months, and I could not be more pleased with the results.  In my opinion the greatest benefit of FST is not the relaxation one feels at the end of a session (although that is certainly the case), it's the fact that over time I've learned to recognize when and where I have tension in my body, and can then take steps to release it.  I feel better overall, my workouts are more effective, and I am more in tune with my physical self.  This is a process, not a "one and done" - commit to spending some time on it and you'll be glad you did!” Donna M, 60

“I first heard about FST from a mentor of mine in the strength and conditioning community. He became FST certified so that he could stretch his NFL players. It became so popular he couldn't keep up with the demand and brought in someone else to lighten the load. Until working with Kisa, I hadn't experienced it for myself, and after a couple of sessions I was hooked. I try to get in at least every two weeks to keep myself moving  and performing well. I've done other recovery methods that kind of "wash off" as soon as I'm done performing them. The mobility improvements with this method have stuck around very well. I also believe that the recovery that comes from an hour of guided stretching with someone that understands the way an athlete should move is invaluable. The best way to make progress as a lifter is to keep lifting, the best way to keep lifting is to stay healthy, the best way to stay healthy is to notice issues before they become an injury. I think FST with Kisa is a reliable way to do that, and I'll recommend it to all of the athletes and lifters I talk to.” Corey D, Coreblend Owner










Weekdays (MON-FRI) - 8am-7pm 

Weekends (SAT/SUN) - (hours vary)

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 In Athens: (MON, WED, THUR)

Advanced Massage Therapy

1363 S. Milledge Avenue

Athens, GA 


Limited availability to travel to client's residence. *Additional travel charge ($10) added to fee. 

Corporate/Athletic Team - On Site Service Available for half/full days.


 If you're comfortable text messaging that's the fastest way to reach me. However, if you'd prefer to leave detailed information below, I'd be happy to contact you within 24 hours.

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